Freeware: Font Xplorer 1.2.2

Friday, April 13, 2007

Sometimes when i'm doin something that involve fancy fonts, weird fonts, elegant fonts, either in photoshop or flash, i often waste my time by trying out the fonts, ONE-BY-ONE.

But with this Font Xplorer, i can list all the fonts that were installed, or the one which i just downloaded and about to install ;)

Font Xplorer

This handy freeware, works with TrueType and OpenType fonts only, which is decent enough for most of fonts, the limitation is that it can't handle Adobe Type 1 fonts, but well that's another story :P

Anyway, another easyness is to Instal and Uninstall fonts, if you're in Vista, after you downloaded some fonts, you can right-click and choose install :) but if you're on XP or 2000 or bellow, you hafta do it manually, by copying to the FONTS folder. By using this Font Xplorer, you can do the right-click too ;) Install or Uninstall :) EASY !

All these comes in free as in beer ;D So just go and get it ;)

[via: NoHeat]

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