Blogger: Saves Your Drafts Automatically!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Don't you just hate it when you feel excited on writing a new post, and suddenly your browser crashed ?! Well, that happens to me sometimes, and if it does, you'll likely to lose the mood to write a post :|

Well, today Blogger made an announcement to handle this problem ;) the Auto-savory Blogger Posting

When you look at the bottom of the screen, there's some notification about it ;)

This a very nice one from Blogger ^^ for us.

And another thing is
On top of this, we're revamping the post editor's keyboard shortcuts to make them a bit more sane. Now Ctrl-P publishes, Ctrl-S saves a draft, and Ctrl-D switches from published to draft. We moved Preview over to Ctrl-Shift-P.

Great job Blogger ^^

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