CleVR - Shoot. Stitch. Share.

Monday, May 28, 2007

CleVR is a "Free and easy panoramic images, photo stitching software and virtual tours"

They have a simple motto.
Shoot. Stitch. Share.

Yes, all you hafta do now when you're travellin, is Shoot ! Wether using your cellphone's camera, a digital camera, whatever. Even if you're not a pro ! ;)

Coz with CleVR you can Stitch all those pictures, and Share it with your friends and family ;) Nice eh :D

All you hafta do is sign up (in order to be able to upload and share ^^) and then after that you can launch the program.

The steps ? Simple and easy as 1,2,3 ! You just choose the picture from your computer, and then click the Continue button, go grab some coke, and voila ! You have it ! Your panorama, nicely stitched :D And you can even mark some spots ;)

You'll see on your home page at CleVR there's a panorama of your pictures, and there's a code too, in which you can paste it everywhere ;)

Well, lemme share my panorama, this one i took it with my S88 ^^ at Toa Payoh, Singapore :)

And this is the Nusa Dua Beach at Bali ;)



teddY said...

Hi there! Sorry for not dropping by for such a long time! School is getting busier by the minute. Ah wells thanks for sharing this panorama stitcher! By judging from the panorama you've posted at the bottom of the posts the individual photos seem to blend well with each other seamlessly, which quite a lot of non-free (paid) panorama stitchers can't really do! OMG, can you believe it?

Have a great week ahead!

Efendi said...

yo teddY, sup :) long time no see :)

hehe this CleVR is quite good indeed :)

c h a said...

pui pui

Efendi said...

cha cha chan ^^ welcome welcome ^^

pa kabar :)

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