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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I never had a chance to visit a planetarium. There's a nice planetarium in Bandung, but i never visited it :P So i never knew what it felt or what it looks like inside a planetarium, all i know is that the planetarium is some kind of dome-shaped building, that have a projector which project skies and stars etc. in the ceiling (and this i know from a friend's story too).

And by some chance, my favourite Flasher Mr. Paul Neave from apparantely have made a simulation of a planetarium :) you can really felt the dome-shaped on the ceiling ! :)

With it's small sized flash, this planetarium is VERY FAST to load ! After you're in the planetarium, you can move around your mouse to see the ceiling ;) to stop/move just click your mouse :) it really felt just like when you were looking up :D You can change date and time, and also the longitude and latitude. Just experiment ;)

As for this moment, the information provided are a very basic one, the name of the constelation, the all positions (those with the tude :P).

At least, now i know where to go when i wanna see a planetarium :) and it's just a click away too :D

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