[Recap] May 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Starting this month, I'll be doing a recap of my post each month ;) so that those of you who (maybe) come here not to often can still browse through easily ;)

I've decided to break it down by Label / Category, just to make it more easy for you ^^

Well, here we go then (the category is sorted alphabetically):

1. Blogger

2. Fun

3. Icons

4. Knowledge

5. Tools

6. Personal


That is all the Recap for this month ^^ At first i'm planning to take some little screenshots for each post :P but right now i don't feel like doin it :P maybe on the next month i'll do it ^^ Oh, if you have any other suggestions or critics bout this, don't hesitate to drop me a mail or any means ^^

And, since this month is zlythern anniversary :D i wanted to thanks for all the support and to all my readers ;) though maybe some prefer to lurk ;)

So, last but not least, all of you who wanted to de-lurk, do so, and drop a comment ;) i've added some tip jar on my right sidebar too :) (finally i applied for a paypal account :P)

Cheers, and may the best be with you and me ^^



cyberbuff said...

you rock!!!!

Efendi said...

cyberbuff, thx man :D

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