Paper Pilot

Monday, May 21, 2007

Have you made paper airplanes ? I bet you have! Well, at least you did it once when you're a child right ;)

I still remember the times i spent on making and configuring one, and then compete with friends on who's airplane is the farthest to fly ^^

Well, this time Paper Pilot have brought it to the internet ! Very nice flash application ;)

You can choose from 3 different base type :)

After you customize it a little bit (since there's only 3 to customized :P) You can start to practice how far you plane can fly ;)

If you managed to hit above 30 meters, then you're READY to CHALLENGE yer friends ;)

Btw, i never seem to remember my plane can fly over 3 meters when i was a child :P

Ahh, never mind, have a pleasant start of the week everybody ^^

[via: DownloadSquad]


sheSays said...

whoa..this is cool! making paper airplanes sure needs a lot of skills.

Efendi said...

hi norza ^^ welcome to zlythern ;)
making it fly away is harder too ;)

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