Trip to Pulau Dewata (Part I)

Monday, May 07, 2007

In Indonesia Bali was often called as "Pulau Dewata" or "The Island Of The Gods".

I had the chance to go to Bali from April 24 night until April 29 :) on the day, that my blogging routines stopped for almost a full week :P And because it was a "vacation" although i wanted to get my hands on the internet to blog my activity in Bali, but it seems that i always got some trouble to do so :P

So, as i promised i'm here to give you an overview of Bali ^^

On April 24, around 20:00 (i forgot the exact time :P) Jakarta local time, we took a flight to Bali. There were 6 of us, me, my girlfriend, her cousin, her cousin's boyfriend, and another female friends of her.

And fyi, that was my FIRST FLIGHT ^^ hehe.. since it was the first time, i was in a very good mood, hyper-excited ! That lasted from before i entered the plane, and it soon ended up when it took off the ground, another feeling came to replace all the excitement. I was scared ! My god ! Never thought that those moments made me scared (well a little bit :P) I got all the nervous, scare, uncomfortable during the flight, especially when the planes are going shaky-shaky :P

But then after some time, i regain my calmness again, all of this was due to my caring girlfriend, that kept me talking, and talking, and so i forget all those fear :P

The night view from the window above, is BEAUTIFUL ! It was like seeing a carpet full of jewelry, as the plane move towards, the clouds are slowly disappearing, bringing feast to the eye, a view of lights from above :) So BEAUTIFUL ! ^^ But then again, maybe it was because it's my first time :P

Anyhow, the flight took about 1,5 hours, but there's a time different between Jakarta and Bali, Bali is +1 hours from Jakarta, so it seems like we flew almost 2,5 hours :P

Above is the plane we took, Air Asia ^^ Cheap flight :P So cheap, that we don't get a "seat number", my girlfriend told me that, usually we got a "seat number" if we took an airplane, but since this was a cheap plane, so we didn't got it. So when we entered the plane, all people immediately choose their seat.

My girlfriend is the one on the left, along with her 2 female friends :)

That was all the happy faces, filled with excitement, when we landed our feet on the ground of Bali ^^


Day 01

The next morning, the first trip is to go to see "Barong Dance". The dance, was a traditional dance, along with a story about Barong and Rangda. Barong is the God of Good, while Rangda is the Evil one.

This is Barong taken with my poor S88 handphone :P

Barong is some kind of magical creature that took a form a beastly creature, with four legs, played by two man, the one on the head, and the other play the tail.

The battle between Barong and Rangda

The story tells of Good vs. Evil, is eternal, no one wins, since both are equally strong. So the battle will never ends. I had the script of the Dance, which i was planning to wrote the summary from it. But unfortunately i forgot to bring it with me :|

After that, we go to Nusa Dua Beach ;) and we'll see more of it on the next post ;)
so stay tune ^^


Avatar said...

well, glad to know from you efendi, delihted to see that your vacations were pleasant.


Efendi said...

yo, hermano ^^ gracias ;)

so, here i am, well you know 'where' ;) hehe.. i'll let you know my progress here soon :D

Indah said...

Uhuyyy.. asyiknya yg baru dr Balii!!

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