My S88

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hm... i got a new cellphone or is it a mobile phone ? (is anybody know the difference?) well, anyway it's BenQ-Siemens S88 ^^

And last night i made some flash, just for fun, it's somekind of promoting some features on my S88 :P well, maybe another phone got this feature too :P

Anyway enjoy :) and tell me which one do you like the most :D

p.s: ooh and that is me on the LCD, hmm... i sure do gain some weight :lol:


Avatar said...


um i think a little exercise is in order..

Cat said...

cellphone = mobile phone

Efendi, you looks need to worry about what & what...♥

LuUeE said...

hAHAHA.. cool new mobile phone..

cooliest_j said...

suit....suit...akhirnya ganti hp juga, gue kira ampe kiamat lo gak bakal ganti HP.

Nice one, tapi ada cacat nya tuh HP yaitu foto lo di layarnya kagak fotogenik nih, mending foto cewek lo aja yg dipajang

lunaticgal said...

heehe..i like the pic on top more >.<
need MANY exercisde d lah~

Efendi said...

@Avatar: hehe.. yeah, think i need sum exersice

@Cat: *meow* ^-^

@LuE: yeah, the price worthed it ;) the features is quite complete for a cellphone

@jay: :P

@luneee: hehehe.. my girls says so too :P

Tina said...

Wow!.. coollllll..

Efendi said...

@tina: thanks ^^ btw, your new layout is much prettier ;)

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