Saturday, July 15, 2006

If you saw the proverbs on my header of the blog, well, uhmm... i took it from ;P
This simple and clean site provides chinese proverbs/idioms in a period of almost one proverbs a day ;)

The proverbs / idioms comes in a very simple yet understanable, cause it contains the meaning in english ;) as for the chinese one, it came with 2 versions, the traditional characters, and the simplified one ;) for more excitement, it even has it's own pinyin with pronountiation tones ;)

Well, just go visit 'em ;) and don't forget to drop a line or two to them ;)

Have a nice weekend ;)


lunaticgal said...

oh HI!
i tot u write yourself :P

Tina said...

Hi.. thanks ya dah mampir.. buat ganti header pake font aku pakai javascript, kalo di blogspot ga bisa karena ga ada fasilitas hostingan.. Kecuali kalau pakai eksternal hosting, ada kemungkinan bisa..

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