Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hm... today is the last day of my NeoCounter trial from NeoWORX: Quality tools for your web site and blog.

Well, when i started blogging, in honest, i don't have any readers AT ALL :P in fact i don't really know how to attract others to read my blogs. And i don't make one single announcement to any of my friends that i have blogged. Too lazy to spread the words, kinda like some salesman trying to sell somethin door to door :P

And at first, i don't seem to interested in bringing up readers to my blog either. Well, i thought that, yeah, i blog my own way, i blog anything that i wanted to blog, and i'm not the typical blogger, who blog my daily routines, my story, or my life, or anythin' bout that. Coz, i don't like doin' that, i don't even like the idea of a diary or somethin' :P no offense to all the bloggers who write that way ok ;) it's just me, it's just that i don't feel like i wanna blog that way .... hm... but it seems, now i'm on that way :P this post sounds like it right ;p

Back to topic now :P Ok, after bloggin' for some time, i realized that i'm beginning to want some popularity :P well, at least i know that i have somebody to read my blog :P so, i search google, there are a lots of tools, web service, etc. who can give u some traffic to yer blog. So i give it a try. It goes to NeoWORX, since it can display flags of countries :P i like the way it looked on yer sidebar or anythin' :) But NeoWORX gave it a TRIAL, which mean on some period after the first time you try it, some features will be disabled, unless you upgrade it to a Premium one, which of course, cost u some money ;) and the period for the TRIAL is 2 weeks. So i think, hm.... 2 weeks eh ? Well, why not ?! :P

And the good news is, IT IS gave you some TRAFFIC ;) yay ^^ Well, forgive me for bein' happy just to see some visitors from other countries :P I'm new to the blogging world remember ;) So this is like some joy and motivation for me to keep on bloggin ;)

Well, here it is some screen shots, of the NeoCounter on my footer of the blog, which i removed by now, because it no longer display the cute little flags :P The screen shots was taken 2 days before the trial periods ends, and the day before the trial periods ends (in the morning and in almost midnight)

2 days before trial ends in the morning b4 trial ends almost midnight before trial ends

Well, that's all bout it boyz and gurlz, not bad for a 2 weeks of trial eh ;) so if you want to give it a try, then shoot, if you're bored with this kind of story, just yell at me at the comments :P anyway you liked it, it's your life anyway :P

And have a nice weekend ^^



Raquel said...

Hey, continue your membership at neoworx, less than $10 is what for..LOL. I got mine since September 2005 and got 15T visitors and 118 countries...woooowwtwwooowt, sorry if I sound bragging.

lunaticgal said...

NeoWoRX will bring more reader? how???
but anyway... if mine.. sure no ppl

Efendi said...

@Raquel: wow ^^ great ^^ hm.. i no longer continue my NeoWORX :P maybe i'll consider it later ;)

@lunee: :P well, you gotta visit others in NeoWORX too i guess :P

J.J. said...

I tried it but had many problems (the map kept showing that I was in Atlanta when in fact I am in San Diego). I asked Roberto, the one-man guy who is the company all by himself (he lives in France) to correct the problem, but he never did. When I asked for a refund (I had bought a whole year's subscription), he just ignored my e-mails. The guy is a crook. His software doesn't work well, he has no idea what customer service means, and he won't issue any refund. Enough to stay away from it all. You are warned.


Efendi said...

@J.J: eh ?¿! is that so ? hmm.. that's not a proper way to deal with customers ! hmm... or maybe the Roberto guy, is busy ? Anyway, thx for the warning ;)

And welcome to zlythern ;)

p.s: i cant visit your blog :P may i know the address, thx :)

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