Page Strength ?

Thursday, July 13, 2006 has made some interesting tools to test your web Page Strength. For some people who is kinda (ehm..) 'fanatic' bout SEO then this tools might help out on considering some factors for your web pages ;)

Quoting from the author :

The tool is designed to satisfy the curiosity of webmasters, surfers and web marketing professionals seeking a better metric to quickly assess a site/page's relative importance and visibility.

But of course this tool is not limited to some specific users or whatsoever, everybody can have fun with this ;)

Hm... mine is like this

still... a long ... long .. way ... to go ;P


Cat said...

Dear Efendi~^__^~
i did as you have told me about the notepad.
i found that it became error code,
looks like Chinese, but it's not correct Chinese Characters.

If i saved the file as unicode, then the cituation wouldn't occur there.
This bug(Easter Egg) is funny, like what happened

Oh yes, Google Toolbar can also measure the pagerank of a page.
Efendi, Where's the polling article about how readers like your blog?
i want to vote for you...<( ̄︶ ̄)/<( ̄︶ ̄)/

Have a nice weekend with you sweet heart! 

Efendi said...

hi Cat ╰( ̄▽ ̄)

on mine, after i type 'this app can break' and then reopen the file, the text will become like this :


and i'm sure it's chinese ;)

bout the polling, it was all due to my careless of not saving my template before i republish ! 跌(┬_┬)↘ in the past 2 days, i've been doin' some recovery for my template that lost, so maybe later on i'll bring up the poll again :)

Cat said...

Hi Efendi,
i like the emoticon you used, like this (┬_┬)↘ for that i laughed much~^__^~

Yes, your are right. It's Traditional Chinese. But we (people in Taiwan) often say it's error code, because there are no meanful meaning within the sentenceˋ(′o‵")ˊ

Last time i spoke too quickly without a clear explaination...forgive me ~T__T~

i like this article you wrote, It's sincere & humorous. You're good at grabbing interesting ideas, also at HowTo articles.

You're an excelent blogger, i believe my eyes, even you said that you're new to it.

Give meowing kisses to you & your sweet heart! Nice Weekend!! Thanks for your cute video.

JAY said...

Oh well efandi .. seems ur blog has a lot for those searching for clues and geeks.. anyways..

i just beat u .. he he he .. my page strength is 4/10 he he.

Efendi said...

yo Jay, that was taken months ago :P but still, when i checked again today, i just got 3.5 :P

so you're winning (for now) :P hehehe ...

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