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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today i've found this amazing Flash Mind Reader which created by Andy Naughton at Cyberglass Design. This is a very creative, and tricky, yet entertained Flash thing ;)

Quoting from the author of this flash :

The Mind Reader was created while experimenting with math in Flash. We accidentally stumbled across a mind reading algorithm, which is used in this psychic movie...

So, without further ado, here it is, the amazing Flash Mind Reader

But, wait a minute, let's look again the quote, it says : '...was created while experimenting with math in Flash...' Hmm... so there's a MATH ?! behind it ?! Well, well, well, so i've saw that math thing, and began googling, and voila, i've found the solution for the mind reader ;)

So, here it is, you may click here if you want to find out ;)


tendy said...

it's interesting~~

lunaticgal said...

ahahhah easy lar!~!! :P

Listy said...

BOONG!!! ;p
Aku dah coba banyak angka..ternyata hasil akhir simbolnya ya buku itu..pantes pinter bola crystalnya!! hahahahaha :D
Aku coba inget2 simbol lain pun yang kluar tetep buku..hihihi :P

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