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Friday, July 28, 2006

For those of you boyz and gurlz, who already know the Lightbox JS, congratulations :P Well, it was an awesome javascript to put on your blog/website which allow you to extend the flexibility, functionality, and beauty of your pictures gallery :)

But, after i considered to use the Lightbox JS, somethin' went a little bit on the wrong side :P when i went to some cybercafe, then i opened up my blog, it appears to me that the Lightbox took a looooooong tiiimeeee to load ! And this problem could be serious to some 56k ers :P so then, this was caused by the size of javascript itself, which is around 100KB (the whole package), so i decided to remove the javascript temporarily, i even planning on optimizing the size of the javascript itself ! after i tried it .. then ... *gosh* this is impossible for me to do ! :lol: then i stopped on doin' the great plan :P And so the page was moved to my googlepages ;)

But then, after that, someone pops out the LITE version of the LIGHT ! OMG this is so freakin' awesome ! That guy did the Great Plan which i have in mind back then ! And he did it without any difficulty, it was like some kinda mission impossible, and the mission was acomplished ! Applause to him ! You can visit him at his site here. And you can see the significant change on the size ! He bring it down to about 25KB ! WOW ! Impressive eh ?!

So now, i'm getting excited to bring this thing up my blog again :)


lunaticgal said...

i learn alot from your blog.. thx

Efendi said...

no problem lunee ;) hope you liked it, and are you well yet ?! ;)

Jo said...

good work! lots of comprehensive info from ya site.
i was using hello to upload, then change back to blogger version one, then flickr also not bad...photobucket also far havent try out the light thingy
will try one fine day ..:)

Efendi said...

@Jo: thank you ^^ if you have a problem on Litebox, drop me a mail, i'll help you out ;)

myrazano said...

is link in blogspotcom follow has or nofollow ?

thank you

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