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Monday, July 24, 2006

Hm... i don't know what happened to Blogger, in the past 5-8 days !! Usually i'm able to logged in to blogger, and make posts, but the last few days, i can't to that ! AT ALL !

And you now what ? I'm beggining to feel irritated ! IRRITATED ??!! What happened to me ? OMG, i guess blogging is beggining to become part of my activity, that i don't realized it, untill it hit me, with the thing like, i'm not bein able to blog ... noooo ...!! well somethin like that :P

In the last week till yesterday, i can only post a comment on blog, and it gets worst on the last 2-3 days ! I have had a terrible accident, if you could call it an accident ?! Yesterday mornin, i opened up my blog, and the results is some kind of text ... which is a part of javascript and style and etc... it was kinda like the page have been CUT off in half, uhm.. it's not even half of the page i think ! Then i tried to logged in to blogger, but i can't ! Almost half a day !
Lucky me, on the afternoon, i do managed to logged in, and i go straight away to the template setting, and guess what ? ... Yes ! The template is missing, a big part of it ! OMG, how come this happened ?! Hm... well lucky i have backed up the template (i've lost one before !) so i reposted the template again, and when i hit the save button .... TADA !! The page is BLANK !! yes! BLANK !! OMG !! The tragedy continues ... for almost an hour ! Well, in the end, i managed to save and republish my blog ! *phew*

Well, guess that's it folks, so my appologize to all the readers, who have been waitin for me to post somethin ;)

Well enjoy the new posts ;) See ya around :)


lunaticgal said...

and then now ur back isnt it ?
welcome back :D

piffles said...

that happened to me before. so unsafe. it makes me wonder why my site is worth getting hacked - if it was a hack =P

Jo said...

well, tat day i faced the same problem, whole night i can't log in blogger. all blogspot pages canot load. sounds server down..thanks god i didnt update anything :S

Efendi said...

yup, blogger is a little unstable lately, it happenin' everywhere apparantely, but i guess now, it's better, hopefully blogger will become more and more cool ^^

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