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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This time i'll brought up somethin' that my dearest friend has given to me as *fishes* ^^ (uhmm... just guess ok :P don't ask :P) well... it's on the tagboard on my left sidebar :P just fyi :P have made a digg style, signature generator, which load the content of your blog ^^ isn't that nice ;) and ... there's MORE... it even include your gravatar !!

Well, this could be a nice way to promote yer blog over at the forums that you visited often ;) Even more, don't forgot your EMAILs !! ^^

It was way better than the default FeedBurner's signature (which in this case they refer to as Headline Animator) in term of the style and designs :P ... well, at least that's my opinion though :P

But i guess, it should be even more nicer, if we can style it ourself don't we ? ;)


teddY said...

Hi there. The blog signature... looks and sounds unique... gotta try it out! Anyways, for my blog template, I never designed it myself. Haha. Although I'm some tech-geek, I never laid my hands on template because I will just make things worse. I only take others template, ask for their permission and edit it for my own use =)

Have a nice day!

Efendi said...

yooo teddy, sup ^^ yeah, the first impression are quite good eh ;) i think on the yellow spot supposed to be the place for your gravatar :) since i haven't signed up one, then it looked blank :P

hehehe... well designing yer own is not as that hard laa :P i believe you can do it ;) on my opinion, taking out others and give it some modification, will be much more harder :P if ya dont have the knowledge :P

Avatar said...

hi there efendi, great find.. now go look at yourself in Bloggeratto.

Efendi said...

yoo, hermano ^^

hehehe... saw that ;) always visited yer blog ;) but haven't got the chance to get into the v3.0 thing :P so, i kept silent :P

glad you liked it :)

thx for the post :D

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