Friday, September 22, 2006 is just like any other online button generator ;) but i think this one is just more user friendly, and more managable, since you can made an account, and organize all of your buttons there ;) you can upload anywhere, anytime, and use it anywhere and anytime too ;) hmm... got the meanin? :P

The interface is easy to use too, you just simply click-and-drag the button and click the button to edit the text ;) it's simple and everybody knows hot to do click-and-drag and click to edit thing, 'm i right ;)

And more importantly (for some i guess) they claim that they support some multi language to use for the text ;) sounds good ? ;)

Well, go ahead and give it a try ;)


Humor Me said...

Make more free buttons, logos, comics and other custom graphics on ;)

Efendi said...

hello there "Humor Me" :D

thx for the share :)

this is the most complete generator lists i've ever found ^^

great ^^

*cheers to you*

Anonymous said...

Just look at thats a real nice button generator

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