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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Daily Lit offers a simple and brilliant idea to help you read a book ;) They bring up the idea that, most people now don't have much time to JUST read a book, or even SPARE the time to read the book. But most people will ALWAYS have time to read an email ! Now this is the idea behind it ;)

So, they will delivered to you parts of the books by email, it will be some portion of text which you'll be able to read it in a time less than 5 minutes ;) And it will be delivered periodically, based on what span of time you choose, either its daily or weekly ;)

Well, to make it more clear, lemme quote it from the Daily Lit


"How long does it take to read a book?"

That depends on three factors. First, on how many parts are in the book (shown when you browse for books). Second, on how frequently you choose to receive emails. Third, on how often you read more than one part (by using the "send me the next part immediately" feature). So here is a typical example. I am currently reading Dracula, which has 187 parts and I am receiving parts on weekdays, i.e. 5 days/week. So at most it will take me 187/5 = 37 weeks. But when I am on the train or waiting, I often read more than one part, so I usually wind up reading about 10 parts/week. This means I will finish Dracula in about 19 weeks or 5 months. If that seems long to you, try something shorter!

Well, isn't that interesting ;) So why dontcha go sign up for the books ;)

Have Fun ^^


teddY said...

Sounds cool! I love the concept behind it. Everybody have no time to read a book but care to take some time to read a mail. =)

Anyway,you're a flash programmer? Sorry about being an ungeeky guy but can I ask a question? Flash programming means designing the script (action script? correct me if I'm wrong) or making a flash movie/game/website etc?

Have a nice day!

Efendi said...

Yo, teddY ^^

Yup, the idea is just plain simple and maybe unnoticed by some people ;) with this kinda thing we can even read it mobile ;) by using PDA or Palm, everywhere anywhere ;) (hmm... sounds like Daily Lit salesman now :P)

Bout the Flash, yeah i mainly code the Action Script ;) which was broadly used know in making game or websites :P but i don't do the designs though :P

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