Disney Lantern Fun-tasy

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On Sept 03, me and my girlfriend, and my girlfriend's friends, which of course my friends, are friends to each other (what the ...) uhm.. are visiting the Disney Lantern Fun-tasy held in Jakarta ^^

Before i was planning to upload the pictures to blogger, but on second thought, i decided to upload it to flickr :) All of the images are resized, and optimized for web, each images are around 30-60kb each, so i think that'll do no problem to most of you boyz and gurlz :P

So.. anyway we had a great fun over there :) it was held on Aug 11 – Sept 10 at Plasa Gelora Bung Karno – Senayan Jakarta. The sponsors were XL, one of the telecommunication provider in indonesia.

It was a great one, in Disney Lantern Fun-tasy we can see a lot of disney's characters such as the Alladin, Alice in Wonderland, A Bugs Life, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Cars, Toons Town, Finding Nemo, Lilo & Stich, Little Mermaid, Dumbo, Cinderella, Lion King, Chicken Little, Snow White, and many others :) Which i realized that even i don't know all of the characters :P

Even though the entrance tickets was prized at Rp. 40000,- well, it's surely worthed it ;)

Anyway, enjoy my album ;)


Efendi said...

hmm... i've got some comment spams ! jeezz... i'm turning on the word verification again now, sorry for the inconvinience everyone

LuUeE said...

Yes, better turn it on.. cute couple.. So did you enjoy yourself? =p Hai if only in miri got such cool events..

Efendi said...

hehehe thx man ^^ yeah, it turned out that i enjoyed it very much, at first i didn't quite anxious bout it, since it was disneys, and it fits for the childrens most :P but i'm wrong :P it was such a great events ^^ lucky i go there ^^

hm.. then you should play to jakarta here ^^ :P hehe..

stev said...

Oh there's a Disney Lantern Fun-tasy in jkt?


sure looks like fun in the pix

Efendi said...

@stev: yeah ^^ turned out to be fun indeed ;) you should visit it if you had it in your country ;)

Avatar said...

I gave it a go. thank god for my modded greased lightbox...oh so the friends that are your friends and of course are friends of each other too, got it.

And the other girl in the photo, who is she?, and oh my if you all not smile all the time at any moment..

anyway, good pixet (photo set)

Efendi said...

@Avatar: eh ¿ you got a modded greased lightbox ? lemme take a look ^^

'the other girl in the photo' is my gf's next door mate :) the name is Dini, the one in pink right ?

there's other girl too, it's my gf's next door too :P she's Elisa n her bf Bernard :)

smile makes you young ^^ face exercise ;)

gracias hermano ;)

Indah said...

I'm wondering, did you see "Cinderella" around? And no "Peter Pan" either, right? Only Tinkerbell.. But anyway, it was quite fun going there ;) I also posted about this in my blog, hehe..

Anyway.. thank you for visiting my blog :D Have a nice weekend! Ciaoo..

ekky said...

wow,,,i think it's really fun...!!!!i want too....heheheh.thx for visiting my blog...

Efendi said...

@indah: hehe.. the cinderella is inside to pumpkin :P my gf's also protest bout it :P as for 'peter pan' there's only some playing ground with his posters :P there's no lanter for him, yeah miss him too ^^

@ekky: yup it's fun ;) welcome to zlythern ;) do come back again ok :)

afin said...

by the thank visiting my blog, anyway could i join u there? It's fun to see those picture

Efendi said...

@afin: hallooo ^^ welcome to zlythern ;) sure do ;) drop by again ok ;)

Indah said...

the cinderella is inside to pumpkin

==> Ahahaha.. that's a good one, never thought of that :p And as of Peter Pan, guess they are too busy trying to get some compensations after their song being 'copied' by the Indian singer, upss.. I guess that is the other Peter Pan, hahaha.. :p

Efendi said...

@Indah: halo ^^ hehe.. yup the pumpkin idea was my gf's :P she's upset with it :P even when she think the cinderella was inside the pumpkin, and she peek inside it, there's nothin' :P

Ahhh... "Tak Bisakah" right ;) i've got a copy of the song ;) hehehehe... Peter Pan is famous now in India :) They 'copied' the song EXACTLY, THE SAME ! ;)

Guess not indonesian people who did the piracy :P :lol: uhm.. no offense to the indian readers ok ;)


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