Saturday, September 02, 2006 have always been my favourite websites ^^ you really should visit them often ;) coz, here's what i found today :)

a cute doggy club site a.k.a THE DOG ^^ the sites features a lots of cute photo.. err.. pup-ography ^^ yes, they take a shoot from the little fella :) a close-up one ;) and they were using a unique approach on taking the snap, the wide-angle photographical lens, which add more to the cuteness ^^

so, why doncha go there and go drolling ... :err: i mean go adoring, admiring, and wishing if they were yours :P

oh.. and they have some merchandise too ;) be sure to check it out ;)

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piffles said...

oh wow. monopoly too???? so cute!

Efendi said...

yeah ^^ cute ain't it ;) i love the cup though ^^ feels like i wanna collect them :P but no space anymore for such a thing :P

Laced Fantasies said...


The only thing I like about The Dog is the nose... It's so big, but so cute.

Thanks for visiting my blog

Efendi said...

@Laced: yeah, they're cute ^^ the photographer sure know how to use the the wide-angle photographical lens ;)

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