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Friday, September 29, 2006 is one of those icon provider, who gives you a really nice icon, and some illustration. The good point here is that they offer some of the icons FOR FREE !! Yes, you heard it.. uhm... i mean read it ;)

And, the way they give it for free is quite unique too ;) Once in a month, you'll get a FREE icons, in your IconBuffet account, this means, that you should sign up first ;) hmm... of course you do :P *jee* :P

Then, you'll have an option of 5 deliveries, which in these case, you can send it to yer friends, the icons you also get in those month ;) interesting eh ;)

So, today i signed up at IconBuffet, and when i entered the site, i got my first Icon sets ^^ this is the good news ^^

But there's a bad news !!! I missed all those icons in the past months !! OMG ! I'm really late to knew IconBuffet !

But then again ! No Worries boyz and gurlz :) since it has a forum of itself, where thousands of others users at IconBuffet who is willing to share, and delivered it to ya :) isn't that a relief :)

This is truly and amazing concept, to share and delivers ^^

Well, now all ya hafta do is sign up and delivered on for me ^^ hehehe....


Jamie said...

Hey hey, Nice find! Quality as always =)

Coky Day blog's said...

good find...Well, now all ya hafta do is sign up and delivered on for me ^^ hehehe....

Efendi said...

@jamie: yo ^^ ty

@coky: hehehe... what do you have for this month ? ;) just drop me an email :) then the buffet will at your doors ^^

teddY said...

Sounds cool! Omigosh I just registered and I got a nice-looking Taipet Night Market icon set... but scrolling downwards reveal more nice nice nice icons! They are awesome! =) Thanks a lot for introducing such a nice site for us!

Efendi said...

@teddy: yoo ted, glad you liked it :) yeah ^^ the icons are all of high quality, doncha agree ? :)

hm, Taipei Night Market eh ;) mine is Tower Grove Promenade so... should we start delivering each others ? ;)

Cat said...

There is only one set i've got. Take it!

and plz send me any icon set that you have...many many thanks...^_______^

My E-Mail address:

Cat said...

Revised Download link:P

Efendi said...

Cat ^^

Thx for sharing, but it failed to extract :( can make it to .zip please ^^

As for mine, Cat ^^ (and anybody else too of course) can get it here :

- Tower Grove Premonade (708k)
- Pumpkin Eve (747k)


Cat said...

Thanks you~Efendi←he's so nice ~^___^~
i upload it again.
Download "Oslo Finance"

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