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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mashable pointed out a newcomer in Video Downloader on the net, called VideoRonk. The good thing 'bout this newcomer is that it supports lotsa video type :D So far i only knew how to download YouTube and GoogleVideo, but not Metacafe or DailyMotion one :P So this is very very handy ;) and it even support MySpace videos ^^

As for how it works, well, it's a search based tool ;) so just use it like you used google ;) enter a keyword and then *voila*

And as for the results, it was satisfying enough, since it's displays a wee bit scene of the video itself ! Along with the durations of course ;) More to it, you can add it to your favourites !!

Well ... with this, it'll be a nice weekend for all of us, don't we ;)

Enjoy, and have a nice weekend ^^

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teddY said...

Oh I would like to exchange icons with you... is there any way you know how? =)

Thanks for the VideoRonk recommendation! Normally for downloading video from those servers I would go Javimoya but the down side is that we'll have to do searches ourselves.

I've visited VideoRonk's page, and haha! Those videos I'm looking for are most probably a few clicks away only... how convinient! Thanks for another quality recommendation =)

Efendi said...

@teddy: hmm... i can't logged in to iconbuffet now, dunno why though, is u havin this problem too ? i've emailed them bout this problem, we'll see how they respond ;) AFAIK you simply just click the 5 deliveries link ;) and do the rest as it tells you

VideoDownloader works good, IF you knew the URL though :P so, when it goes to SEARCH, then this newcomer is pretty good i think ;)

Glad you liked it :)

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