[Recap] June 2007

Monday, July 02, 2007

For the past weekend, i spent a whole day and two, moving out to a new place. By the time i got into the new place, there's no power cord plugs, and no RJ-45 cable, so, i had no internets from last saturday, till this day.

So, i'm a two days late, on delivering the June 2007 Recap, and my apologies for this ^^'

Anyway, here we go then, grouped by category and sorted alphabetically:

1. Art

2. Blogger

3. Fun

4. Games

5. Knowledge

5. Tools

6. Personal


That is all the Recap for June 2007 ^^ Still haven't got the time to screenshots each of 'em :P

Anyway, have a fresh start of the week to everybody :)


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