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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It has been a well known problems among Bloggers, that Blogger's feeds are behaving a little bit annoying (for some). Everytime one update it's post, then blogger automatically update the feeds so that, the post that have been updated appears on top, which cause some feeds publishers, to publish again those post. This can be annoying for some, who maybe just wanted to update some typo mistakes etc. So, in short, Blogger's feeds are sorted by Updated date rather than by Published date.

The Bleets are trying to solve this problem by using the new Pipe from Yahoo!.

But phydeaux3 HAVE A GOOD NEWS !

Well fret no more. Just hours ago the blogging Pirate Pete announced at the Blogger Dev Group the introduction of the "orderby" parameter, which will sort those feeds by updated (the default) or by published (what many want).

This was such a nice news to hear ^^ all the complicated things are solved by a single orderby parameter ;)

Just add that extra parameter to your feed ;) just replace the YOURBLOG with your blog :P err.. well you know it ;)

You're publishing via FTP ? No worries ! Head over to phydeaux3 posts for the details ;)
Great job Blogger ^^


MaIDeN said...

Disini pakai bahasa linggis kabbeh ya :)

Well, blog ini juga keren. Komen pagenya pagenya juga sudah pake lightbox.

Salam kenal kembali n subscribe ke feed-nya bolehkan ?

Efendi said...

aloo MaIDeN ^^ met datang di zlythern :)

hehe.. iya pakena linggis semua :P hehe..

boleh boleh aja kok ;)

thanks ^^

Aditya said...

It's good they fixed this! Atleast it'll reduce the Yahoo! overhead that was being added...

Efendi said...

@aditya: Indeed :D
and hehe.. i smiled reading your comment on phydeaux :D

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