Tuesday, August 01, 2006

There are times, when i looked into some pictures, logos, i fell in love with the font, but *alas* i know not the beauty's name !

Hm.. well not anymore ;) i found this *worth a try* tools online, it was named WTF?! :P yeah you read it right, WTF?! What The Font ?! ;), where you can upload the images, and you just have to click in order to see the result, it gives you multiple results of the fonts that are similar (if you don't find the exact one) but so far it gives you the best results (in my opinion) ;)

So why don't you try to search again some pictures that have the font you wanted to know eh ? ;)

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just me said...

Stop by to let U know I appreciate your marking on my blogzVille.
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