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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Finally! After all this long, Crazy Egg was officialy launched, maybe i'm a little bit late bout this :P
Yeah, i just got back from my vacation, i had some days off the office for bout 3 days, so i took this chance to go back to my home town ;)

Anyway, back to the egg :P This egg surely must be considered as a tracking tools for your websites, blog, or anythin on the web. With this egg you can find out details of what your visitors are doin' .. uhm.. click'in ;) You can get a full list of what happenin on your site, even to the details of every element on your page that's bein' clicked ;)

So, why not try it for yourself ;) I've installed it on my blog now, maybe in about 1 week i'll show you the results ;)

p.s: ooh, and sorry for the delay on posting ;) i'm back now ^^

[Update 2006-08-25]: It seems that there's a conflict between the scripts this Crazy Egg using, with the moo.fx, because in this page only (where the egg scripts is) all the FX like the scrool thing are not working :( well, i guess i'll leave it that way for 1 week of testing period :P



Cat said...

good referer tool
waiting for your result ah

Efendi said...

yup ^^ this is nice tools i think ^^

so far there's only 15 visits in about 19 hours resulted in 18 clicks ^^

hope it'll get more clicky :P

p.s: loved the new fishes ^^ thank you *meow*

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