Make Up(ing) zlythern

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Today, i did some make up to zlythern ^^ well put a little bit here, put a litlle there, here and there, so far i'm a little satisfied with the look ^^ dunno 'bout you boyz and gurlz though :P

Well, most of the make up goes on the comments area ^^ hopefully all of you can enjoy it, hmm.... maybe i'm gonna post how to make up those thing later on ;)

So, stay tuned ! And have a nice weekend ^^

[Update 2006-08-26] :
- The error for IE was caused by Litebox ! Hm.. dunno where did it goes wrong, so i'm taking off litebox for the moment :P 'till i found a workaround for this, so to all IE ers, enjoy ^^

[Update 2006-08-15] :
- Apparantely there's some error in IE, this is cause by the comment photo hack, so far i've only managed to find the cause, i'll have a look at it later on, is there any of you boyz and gurlz are using IE to read my blog ? If you're experiencing the problem, do leave a comment ^^ Thank you



Cat said...

as Cat said before...
the purple color looks very sexy...╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭

Avatar said...

Looking good.


Raquel said...

Wowow!!!! Nice comment box, check mine too That is only a test blog.

Oh man, thank you very much for all the links... I installed it already but I am not ready to put to oficial blog. I like all their hacks, especially Stephen blogger hacks.

One thing is, what if someone don't have an account from blogspot? Sad to say, no photo will show up.

Efendi said...

@Cat: hm.. i'll consider to change mine to purple then ^^ *meow*

@Avatar: hehehe... gracias ^^

@Raquel: yours is nice too, i like the one with the list of the name on it ^^ and you used Stephen's i c ;)
and as for somebody who doesn't have blogspot account, for the moment, i leave it that way :P so yes, no photo will show up ;)

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