Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mr. Jim Bumgardner from KRAZYDAD has given me permission to post his blog on mine ^^
I ran across his marvelous site, back in about 2-3 months ago, when i was googling for some tutorials and techniques on how to solve sudoku :P and his site now has been one of my favourites :)

Mr. Jim has a lot of comprehensive and usefull techiniques about sudoku strategies, you really should check it out ;)

As i browse even deeper on his site, i found that he too, made lotsa puzzles, including jigoku - a brilliant twist to sudoku, kakuro, and mazes ! super duper hard mazes ;) ! Mr. Jim even offers a free printable version of his puzzles ;) and if you liked his puzzles, then a little donation could help ;) well at least for the effort right ;)

So, drop by and enjoy the KRAZYDAD ^^ you'll surely hafta bookmark it ;)


piffles said...

visited before. =)
i've abandoned sudoku for a while... heh. don't know why, though.

Efendi said...

hi von ^^
ah, you've visited it before, so i guess i'm way way late to know this site :P

hmm... if you're getting good at somethin, you're likely to become bored of it :P maybe that's why ;)

stev said...

the sudoku kraze goes on...

heh heh heh

so you're an expert already? ;)

Efendi said...

@stev: hehe.. yup and now krazydad even made one for kids ! he called it kidoku ;)

well, intermediate laah i think ;) to lazy to work on the expert one :P dun hav much time :P

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