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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Birthday Calculator by Paul Sadowski is a GREAT and UNIQUE yet simple tool on calculating your birthday, PLUS it gives you some very detail on your astrological aspects !

In a summary it provides you the age up till now from your birthday, from how old are you in years, to a precise seconds !

PLUS a lot more interesting stuffs, which i bet you don't know all of it ;) (cause i don't :P) such as :
  • Life Path Number
  • Golden Number
  • Epact Number
  • Julian Calendar
  • Hebrew Calendar
  • Easter Calendar
  • Egyptian month and season
  • Chinese Sign
  • Native American Zodiac Sign
  • Even celebrities who share your birthday ;)
  • And your age if you were a dog ??
  • Birthstone (uhm.. mine is Diamond ^^)
  • And your birth tree !! (a tree? huh? yeah that's my reaction :P)
  • And many statistics data ...

WOW what an incredible stuff ain't it ? ;)

So does that brings some excitement, curiosity, for you ? Hehehe... well go on and give it a go ;)


Raquel said...

Hi Efendi,

Thank you very much for the quick reply.

I tried to install the codes you had provided on your blog but it doens't work on my end.

As I've noticed, when I open your link, like this click here the NPL doesn't show up, I think you made it that way, right?

If you're not busy, can you help me to put the codes in my template? And if you can, can you change the code that everytime we open in one link/posting, the NPL will appear.

Thank you very much, I will send my username and password thru email.

marco said...

Man! Really nice template!! I love the way the comments are shown :)

Congratulations! ;)

Efendi said...

@Raquel: hope you get the NPL up by now ;)

@marco: thank you ;)

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