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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Finally Blogger is improving it's power ! YES ! They call it the new Blogger BETA! ^^
You can check the Blogger Buzz for the news ;)

There's so muuuuucccch improvement in blogger system, well for more information about what the new feature is, my friend here Roberto was much more experienced than me ^^ you can visit his post here ;) He disscussed with very detailed explanation (plus a little bit humor :P )

Well, for me in particular, i really like the new feature that's been long expected by much other bloggers too i think, now we can all have Custom Access Blog ;) It means, you can protect some posts, and limit it's permission to anyone you wanted to have him/her look at yer post ^^ isn't that cool, hmm... gank secrets, family story sharing, emmbarasing moments only your friends are allowed to see it ;) a lotsa thing you can do with this feature ^^

The other cool thing is the Labels,this is the most awaited features for bloggers i think ;) especially for those who have limited skills on javascripts, and hacking things. Labels now will become CATEGORIES in yer blog ^^ HEH ! have you not waited for this ? ;)
No more complicated javascripts, no more editing your template, no more finding for hacks, it's just there, you just set the Labels for your post, and voila ! You have your Categories ! Yay ^^
This is the long awaited features ^^

Praise the Google, praise the Blogger BETA ! ^^

Well, i hope you all can be patient 'till this thing is in our hand ^^ And let's share the joy boyz and gurlz ^^




Raquel said...

This what I want in wordpress, I like the categories style, it's easy and neat. Wow, if this category thing is in the blogger that is cool. Let us try then.

I was planning to move in wordpress because of this categories but, I think I am in the butt of the train. I can't keep up anymore.

Efendi said...

yeah, this is good ^^ the long awaited ^^ back then i was planning to move too :P but i'm staying, coz i believe that google surely will improve this blogger ;)

especially with all the server's being down, some bloggers could not login, some missing their template, all of this, google must be up to somethin' ;)

and finally they made an annoucement ;)

Paddy Tan said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog! Get to know more about the new beta from your blog and from your pal Roberto too. :)

Efendi said...

Hi paddy ^^ welcome to mine too ;)
Hope this Beta thing will come out in full release soon ^^

Yeah, Avatar has some good stuffs ;) visit him often ;)

piffles said...

ooh wow. that's good news. =)

Efendi said...

@piffles: yeah, can't wait to have it officially launched ;) hm... maybe the name will be like Blogger 2.0 ? :P
nice seein' ya again von ;)

Avatar said...

@Paddy Tan:

Thanks, and yeah, visit me often, and if you see me online, say hello.


Thanks Bro. yeah, but i really don´t know who this Roberto guy is.


Efendi said...

@Avatar: hehe ;) btw, have you doin' the sneak peak again ;) tell me if anything good comes up again :) paz

Raquel said...

Where are you Efendi, been waiting of your update about this thing.

I don't think we can edit the CSS to the given layout of blogger beta. Please explore yourself too, nyehehehe. You're my hero and my angel..LOL. Wink!

Efendi said...

@Raquel: ^^ well, i'm not playin' with it yet now, i'll just leave it to my friend Avatar ;)

in the moment, let us give all the hackers the chance on this new toy :P
so far the people that i know, on which they are playin' are : Avatar, Aditya, Kirk, John and many others ;) meanwhile, you can visit their great site though ;)

Avatar said...

@Raquel: read last post.

@Efendi: you already read it.. we are in limbo until the advanced editor.

Efendi said...

@Avatar: yeah, they surely do give the people who lacks some skills in HTML or JS a GOOD tools on template editing, but to limit those who wanted to experiment ?! hm.. this is not goin' to be good

hopefully google will fixed it, with all the feedbacks they accept, is there any feedbacks at all to google ?! we surely must get back our rights to experiment !

Avatar said...

they had link in buzz with feedback form.

and yeah, this will clear of my head by monday i hope.

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