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Friday, August 18, 2006

There have been a buzz over the Web2.0 Logo Creator which is done by Alex P. With all the Web2.0 thing, this is surely some unique app that Alex developed ;)

You can try it by your own, it even gives you the Flickr style, with the 'r' being in a red color ;)

Generated Image

Oh, and btw, don't forget to check out his Web 2.0 V2 Clock ;)


Cat said...

Thanks Efendi, i made one for myself...

And made 2 Chinese stamps for you as fishes to you(fishes=cat's presents).
if you give me your Chinese name, i'll change the characters.

used these eight characters in your blog banner:
我 1.看见忘记。我2. 听见记住。我 做 我 了解。


Efendi said...

hi cat ^^
waaah, i've always wanted my name stamps, i've emailed you my name ^^

hm.. why don't you add the 2.0 thing on your banner ;) just followin' the trend :P hehe..

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