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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Emil Stenström from friendly bit has cooked up a very very delicious knowledge for all of us :) He has made a lists of all the HTML elements :) and give a very brief and humanize description so all of us can understand it ^^ even though you're not an HTML programmer or so :P well, i mean at least you do have some knowledge of HTML ;)

And as i thought, hmm.. this must be some boring explanation and so on, i found that Emil's lists was very very good ^^ even i don't know the whole HTML elements that he listed :| besides the way that Emil brought up the lists is very handy, he gives some coloring bar for all the elements that he explained, there are GREEN, YELLOW, and RED bars ;) so you can find it right away ;) i started to read the YELLOW one first :P

Anyway, boyz and gurlz who don't have any plans on this weekend, well, maybe a little reading will do ;)

Have a nice weekend, everybody ^^

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teddY said...

A HTML library. Sounds nice!

Actually I've been learning HTML codes since year 1 in secondary school. For some unknown reasons I just get hooked up with HTML designing. I even designed a few personal webpages exclusively for myself XD Haha. After visiting the page I've realised that there only a couple of HTML elements on our fingertips... but we can weave out nice looking webpages with them, thanks to javascript and css! =)

Have a nice day!

Efendi said...

@teddy: yeah ^^ your webpage designs is really nice ;) you did that yourself eh ;) well CSS and JS do help a lot :) but a little bit more knowledge on HTML would strenghten the basics ;) hehehe...

Emil Stenström said...

Thanks a lot for your recommendation of my blog! I read it long ago, when you published it but didn't find any way to comment :) Thanks!

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