Tuesday, September 05, 2006

About 4 days ago, i visited this marvelous website of an artist, whom she prefer herself to Rabbit Prince ;) yup, don't mistaken the Prince, it was a she ;) a Vietnamese Canadian fascinated by the Japanese Visual Kei Rock Scene, known as the JRock i assume :P

Anyway her art have captivated my interest, it's somehow different from other artist, well, i mean i think all artist have their own style, but somehow this one ... uhmm... interesting... unique... maybe it's those quirky, bizarre and just a touch of strange as she defined herself ... well you describe it yourself laah ^^

Rabbit Prince, offers some great art tutorials also ;) ehm.. actually i got to Rabbit Prince by following one of her photoshop's tutorial ;)

Well, better check her out ;) and don't forget to sign her guestbook ;) (dunno, maybe the Prince will give ya some of her art ^^)

p.s: Phan, can i have me drawn by you ?! ;) ^^


LuUeE said...

hahha... Yes, the drawings are really cool.. I am going to learn some tips. hahaha..

Efendi said...

yo dude ^^ yes, her art is cool eh ;) she got some nice tuts also ^^

ooh, and welcome back here ^^

Avatar said...

i liked the site, oh and i saw you checked the bloggeratto sig and grabbed it.. :P

Efendi said...

yoo hermano :)
hehe figured you must've liked it ;) kinda suits yer style eh ;) hehehe... yeah your sig ig nice, couldn't helped to steal it :P

paz ^^

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