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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

World eBook Fair is the World eBook Library Consortium who have collection shelves more than 500,000 PDF eBooks in 100+ languages contained in 112 of the finest eBook and eDocument collections published on the Internet today.

Regularly (quoting from them),

"To download all of The World eBook Fair titles 12 months a year, simply subscribe to The World eBook Libray for $8.95 for a whole year of downloading eBooks. This is $.75 per month for access to hundreds of thousands of files."

Isn't that cheap ? ;) Hm.. you say you wanted FREE ?! You GOT IT !! This year only, on the month of July and October 2006 they offer you all those eBooks, ALL FREE OF CHARGE !!!

They have all range of collections on their selves, from Classic to Modern, Literature to Story, Poems, Religions, Educationals, even NASA collections, and a whole lot more ....

So go check out their huge and marvelous lists, and download 'em ;)

p.s: i take a snap of some children books :) i loved all those books ^^

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