Crazy Canon in D

Saturday, October 14, 2006

OMG! This is the most amazing play i've ever saw ! Got this one over when browsing through Just Another Fool. Can't helped it to let everybody knows !!

Besides (this is wee bit embarassing) i was testing on video bloggin' right from YouTube :P Yeah i know, this is my 1st time :P but hey, everybody has it's 1st time ;) And as always 1st time gives some nice memories ;)

Anyway like the old saying,
There's mountain up over the mountain ! There's sky above the sky !

So, enjoy your weekend, and happy searchin' for another one like these ;) (i know you would) :P

[Update 2006-10-17]
- I changed the funtwo's video to a much cleaner version ;) the video is re-synched, before there's some missing in the end ;)
- Also you can download the video here and the .mp3 here !! Yes ^^ MP3 boyz and gurlz !!

[Update 2006-10-14] From Just Another Fool, (go checked on the comment area) i found out that this isn't the first kind of Canon in D using guitar that's on YouTube. Apparantely the first one to introduce Canon using guitar is a guy named Jerry C. And this "funtwo" guy also (dunno if it's right or no :P) admit that he was inspired by Jerry C too, so he tried to play on his own too :)


JaF said...

Thanks for visiting.. and also for the birthday greeting. :-)
BTW, you might be interested to check out this link It's Jerry's unoficial fan page. You can find many Jerry C's Canon Rock cover there. Some of them are really good, but I still think Funtwo's cover is the best.

A New York Times Journalist tried to trace this funtwo guy and it turned out that he's a young tallented Korean kid named Jeong-Hyun Lim. Interesting.. so interesting.. :-)

Wish I can play the guitar like that.. hehe

Efendi said...

whoaa, it's an honour to have you here Mr. JaF :)

wow, thats some information you've got :) thanks for sharing it ;)

yeah, wish i can play like dat too :P

vadis said...

so mi fa so, mi fa so
so la ti do re mi fa mi,
do re mi
mi fa so la so fis so....

how about an eye-to-eye chat, efendi? hehehe. -@ndry

FireHeart Saga - A Bounty Hunter's Blog

Efendi said...

@andri: yo ^^ welcome back ^^

hehe.. boleh aja ^^ drop me an email ;)
i'll get back to you as soon as i can :D

Cat said...

He~~Jerry is from Taiwan, a son of a doctor.

This episode has been reported in reported in media. It's right that the Korean boy was inspired by Jerry C. :P

Anyway, i love Canon ♫♪
mi-mi fa so la so fa
mi-do re mi fa mi re

Efendi said...

Cat ^^ hehe.. taiwan is awesome i bet ;)

Must've been quite a buzz i guess ;) Jerry's Canon made a buzz over the internet lately ;)

♫♪ I Love Canon too ;) ♫♪

hui said...

Heys there just wanted to drop by and say thank you for sharing the resources on funtwo's cover of Canon. Have an awesome day! =)

nick said...

COULDNT FIND THE .MP3 anywhere else!!!

Bwahhaha i'm ninja said...

Rofl thxs a bunch for the mp3 :D

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