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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kako what ??! :P Kakophone, what a sweet name isn't it ;) Well, it was a nice ringtone generator. It generates tones and packed in .mid format ;) universal format that every cellphones can read and play ;)

The concept is simple, you hafta enter a 10-digit number first, they suggested your cellphone number, but mine is 11 digits long :P so i trimmed one digit :P and then you'll be brought to the main interface like below,

And there, you can experiments with a whole lotsa things :) from Magic Code, kakoMusical style, Density, Tempo, Pitch ... and just HIT the button, and READY to play :) and it claims even more (quoting from it)

To keep things interesting, the kakophone is reconfigured every day at midnight, meaning that even if you enter the same serial number and magic code, the machine will create a different tune from one day to the next.

Another goodies, is that it will delivers the ringtones to your emails !! Isn't that a whoohoooo :D

So, go get yerself one :) or maybe more :D


gita said...

sama ngga yah yg ada di lift proyek? bentuknya mirip tp ga tahu fungsinya

Efendi said...

eh? ada yg mirip ini ya ? hmm.. berarti ini nyontek donk :P g gak tau yg di lift proyek sih :P ada link nya ? ntar g coba liat ;)

Linx said...

disini emang ga ada shout box ya:((

Efendi said...

@linx: ada kok cici ^^ tempatnya di atas :P di link bagian tagboard :) beberapa orang ada yg bilang gitu, ada juga yg pake shoutbox ato shoutboard, gitu de :P

hehehe ^^

Anonymous said...

mine come out with strange music.. fainted

Efendi said...

hehe :P mine too actually :P the only version that i loved is the chacha style :P the others ... uhmm.. well not quite used to it i think ;)

but i guess, that's what makes it unique (for u only) ;)

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