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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Yeah, hereby i announced to you boyz and gurlz that zlythern is Spotted At The Good Blogs !! Yes ^^ this was quite a joy for me, since it took a long time just to be accepted at The Good Blogs ;) Hopefully this will bring more good to you and me ^^

Well basically, The Good Blogs concept is to make a communities of bloggers who are actively tells other bloggers about their readers, so that other can in turn visit their blogs too ;) And more of it, according to them:
Unlike a blogroll, we show new bloggers that you or your readers may not know about and the content is always fresh. With the network effect, we can help you reach far more bloggers than any other means today and the service is free.

You may well think, that this was just like the others :P well maybe not, coz, it get to pass some QC to be Spotted At ;) They have a team that ensure that those who are Spotted At The Good Blogs are well chosen by them ! So no more worries if you Spot some dead blogs or anythin' ;) You may as well check the FAQ @ The Good Blogs for more info on these ;)

Currently, there are several categories that they've made, but i'm pretty sure that the lists will grow :) And as for zlythern you can Spot it here ;) Just look for the letter Z ;)

As for now, they are still in beta phase, so if you wanted to be Spotted At, for now it's only by invitation only :P But you can try to suggests your too ;)

So let's us share the joy ^^ though at the moment i lack some water at the office :P the supplies went out :P add to that, there's no sugar either, which means no COFFEE !! *sigh*


vadis said...

how 'bout 'the bad blogs?' mine will fit into one, hehehe...

Efendi said...

@vadis: hehehe... no laa, yours is good ;)
say, you got spotted yerself eh ?! What categories are you ?

OS9USER said...

Thanks For The Tip ! It Works Great !

Efendi said...

hello os9 ;) came from mybloglog right ;) no problem ;) glad you found it usefull :)

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