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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Huh ?? What's with the weird title ?! I can't read it ! Well maybe a bit :P But for some people those are the magic, weird, runic type of language, which seem to be some alien written language :P (pardon me :P)

Anyway, there's a lotsa dictionary out there now, thanks to the massive online web we have now, but, don't you get tired of typing what you wanted to translate, even more irritatin' is some online dictionary can't accept long lines/paragraph or words!

Well, not anymore boyz and gurlz :) Since Google, is now provide us with a Translation Browser Button to be added to your browser's Links Toolbar ^^ Now, i found my browsing experience is more and more wider ^^ I can read all those weird alien writings :P eventhough some are not quite understandable, maybe it's because some languages are to complex to translate :P but still, you can get the main idea of it ;) when before, you really don't understand a thing ;)

How to use it ? Simple, here's what they say :

While surfing the web, if you find a piece of text you'd like to translate, select the text with your mouse and click the browser button. If you want to translate a whole web page, simply click the button.

So go add those buttons, and spend the rest of your weekend opening again those sites you don't understand ;)

Tell me what you think, or share your browser experience now ;)

And Enjoy your weekend ^^

p.s: i'll be on a vacation for a week ^^ i'm goin' back to my hometown ^^ so you'll be missin' me for a week ;)


LuUeE said...

Wow, Effendi, this is what i've been looking for such a long time. Cool. man. You get supports from me. Selamat Hari Raya to you.. To me and everyone.. =p

Tina said...

Wow! Nice theme you have here, dude! Happy vacation.. En thanks for your bday wish..

Efendi said...

@luuee: yooo dude ^^ long time no see ;) glad you found it usefull :)
Selamat Hari Raya juga ;)

@tina: hello ^^ welcome back :) thx for the lovely words ;) just got my hand back on the internet ;)


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