Thursday, October 12, 2006

There's this new Web2.0 app, that is soon to be launched. The idea is too expose your website and get a boost ^^ they even claimed that
"Some people are after traffic, some want readers and others are chasing backlinks to boost their rankings on search engines.
No matter what your need or want is, eXlinks is going to sort that out for you."

The system will be based on referrals and inviting friends sorta things. I dunno bout these kinda things though, and there's already some argueing bout this kinda method over their blogs.

Well as for a little peek, here it is some screenshots, they made, after (this is funny) someone tried to hacked to get to know the inside of this eXlinks things :D looks pretty good to me :)

Hmm.. let's just hope they'll succeed, and eventually will give me some little boost :P hehehe

Anyway here's the invitation from me ;) just click it okay :)


Nyokk said...

woah woah so new

Efendi said...

yooo nyokk ^^ long time no see ^^ sup gurl :)

hehe.. yup, got the new layout up now ;)

gondolier said...

i sign up, so, what will happen next??

Efendi said...

next, is wait for the launching of the product ;) then maybe we can play with it :)

let's hope that this new eXlinks will deliver us to our expectation ;)


Indah said...

Yuhuu.. have a nice weekend yaa :D

Tungz said...

thanx for visiting my blog!!!! Appreciate it!!!!

Efendi said...

hepi weekend indah :D pegi pegi kemana neh ? lebaran pulang kampung donk yah :)

@tungz: yoo ^^ thx to you too :) drop by here again next time ok ;)

Ross said...

Heya - thanks for the kind words on my blog. And, because it's related - you should check out Stumbleupon, a service that looks kinda similar to exlinks, but is already out. After the first time my site made it to digg, stumbleupon picked up on it and has been driving a pretty significant amount of traffic ever since then - and it goes up each day.


ps. I already submitted your site to them :)

Efendi said...

@Ross: whoa.. it's a pleasure to have you here Ross ^^
i've always loved your handy articles ^^ Keep the great work ;)

Ah, stumbleupon, i've heard bout it, but never try it out :) since i'm pretty new to blogging :P

Thanks for the information, and for the submit ^^ i really appreciate it ;)

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