Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another site that do the snappin' snappin' the screeenshots of yer page now have another newcomer, they named themselves as the WebSnapr. I kinda liked on the system which they stored the thumbnail image, they put it on this url:

So you can always access the thumbnail, all you hafta do is changed the MYURL thing ;) Easy eh :D

But of all the thing that caught my interest is their so-called Preview Bubble javascript ;) As you've probably already noticed the beautifull lookin' hover thing on the link eh ;) If you want some then all you hafta do is download the script, and that's it ;)

Or try to hover these links ;)
zlythern YouTube Google Microsoft Yahoo! VideoRonk

So .. waddaya say ? ;)

As for the script, i've made some little tweak, and convert it to class to work with the prototype function ;) make it work with image link, and also separate some of the css :) well, anyway if you prefer this one then just view source my script ;)

Last, if you have any trouble to make it runnin' don't hesitate to ask me, drop a comments, or send me some email ;)

p.s: the links on my menu up there has this preview bubble thing too ;)


Xavier Larrea said...


I'm glad you found WebSnapr a valuable addition to your website. Displaying a thumbnail preview of a linked site adds value to your content and indeed makes it look even better.

As you know, WebSnaper provides this service for free; i only ask to whomever implements or creates a plugin which uses the WebSnapr service is to link to the WebSnapr website, crediting the service for the thumbnails. The link should point to:

I'm sure you will find this request very fair, otherwise i'll have to ask you to please stop using WebSnapr to display website thumbnails on your site.

Again, thanks for your interest in WebSnapr.

Best Regards,

Xavier Larrea

Efendi said...

Dear Mr. Xavier Larrea,

Thank you very much on kindly droppin here ^^ I really appreciate it ;)

And am impressed by your marvellous work ^^

Sorry for bein' late on informing you, i've used your script ;) I've re-confirmed your request per email ;)

As for now, i've already added your site at my links above :D

Thanks again, and besta luck ;)

Rob Forker said...

Dear Mr. Xavier Larrea,

I wonder if you could give me an example of how the code should be written to make the Preview Bubble work with a picture link? I have tried, but it does not work.

Hovering over it gives a "Forbidden Request" error.

This text page can be seen at

Rob Forker

Wonda said...

A simplier service is given by a company named Girafa.

Check it out at

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