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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Migrating to something new, has never been an easy process. You will hafta face with some trouble, or even a new condition where all your previous knowledge will seem to have no use.

The best way to learn a new thing, is of course to try it out yourself, which in this case, some will have it in a long time, some will acknowledge the new thing quickly. Depends. But for me, sometimes by reading, or hearing, or knowing what other people's experiences is the best way to learn. We can simply follow them, and do some innovation here and there, once we grasp the core of it ;)

And as for this post, Improbulus from Consuming Experience has been kindly enough to share the knowledge. Improbulus have written a great post of 'New Blogger (Beta): template tweaks after migrating'

The post, include a very useful information, such as :

  • Old Blogger template tags replacements - www to www2
  • Conditional tags fix
  • Editing comments
  • Fixing and tweaking blog feeds

All of it come in a great piece of information. So without further ado, go read the post, and have it on your bookmark ;)

Have a nice weekend ^^


teddY said...

Well when blogger upgraded everyone got excited but then when the need for formatting / customising templates sets in everyone got in trouble. Thanks for the excellent link because I think many people who wants to keep up with forefront of technology will need it really badly.

Actually I find it harder to upgrade from blogger to wordpress when I did that a few years ago mainly because I'm stupid enough not to realise there is an import function in wordpress! I copied every single post and posted it in my new blog. See? That's how dumb I can be XD

Efendi said...

@teddY: yes, upgrading, migrating, is always hard, especially when it's involving the code :|

and AFAIK the import feature for blogger in WP is getting better :) WP team sure is quick and fast on delivering upgrades and upgrades,

i wish google realized that, and make a move to Blogger too :|

cyberbuff said...

Ya teddy is quite right. And the problem was all the more 'hurtin' coz there was no documentation at all. :( Thanks for the hackers who made it easy!:P And nice post! :)

Efendi said...

@cyberbuff: documentation ... yeah :P it's a bit of a pain lurking those thing :P and yes, luckily we have the 'bleet' to do some research first ;)

teddY said...

Oh yea I forgot to give credits to the wordpress team for making wordpressing a very wonderful experience. Well google better beef up on the help it can provide to its bloggers since wordpress is a lucrative platform for bloggers to hop on (and leave google's blogger at the same time).

Statistic says that for every half a second 1 blog is created. That's like 120 of them in a minute! Oh my! Talking about documentation, I find that there is a lack of a proper tutorial of teaching people how to make their sites XHTML (strict or transition it doesn't matter, as long as it's xhtml) valid. Yea.

Efendi said...

@teddY: yeah, WP team are good, they work fast, they deliver quality updates, the whole central plugin systems, man .. blogger is way out, i hope google do realize this.

heh, XHMTL ? my.. you can write one right ;) hehe :D

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