Friday, March 02, 2007

ColorJack is my new inspiration source for color after Kuler. When my net connections are slow, ColorJack was definitely my choice to get some color inspirations, since it was based on javascript, and it is lightweight, so it'll load faster even on dial-up ^^

And i can assure you, that the guy behind it, has done a deep research about color. From Color Blindness, variety of Color Formats (RGB, HSL, CMYK, etc.) to the ease of use in a Spin Wheel color chooser, ColorJack is a beautiful tool ^^


There are several tools that ColorJack provided for us, the first one is called the Studio

In this section, you can choose the color using the picker, or simply enter the value of RGB, HSC, or CMYK if you knew ;) And the good news to CS user, those color can be save into SWATCHES :D both in Photoshop and/or Illustrator ^^


The recent tool that was added is Sphere. A very very easy to use !

On the top of the Sphere you can choose the Color from Neutral to Four-Tone, Six-Tone, Complementary, etc. along with some options for Color Blind ;)

You can choose the color to be websafe, or websmart too ^^

The nicest thing bout this Sphere is that it was VERY EASY TO USE. Simply click and drag on the color area, and there you have your color theme on the right ;) KISS ;)


So in overall ColorJack definetely worth to be played ;)

And be sure to check out it's history page, there are lotsa goodies you can spot on ;)


[Update 2007-03-05]: More in-depth tutorial on making Color Scheme with photoshop ;)

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Ashish Mohta said...

its difnitely good.Good job for my weekend

teddY said...

Oh! So this is where I can find the colours that I want online. Usually when I want to find the hex code for colours I will just launch my photoshop and use the colour library. What a primitive method XD thanks for the link!

Anyway, I heard that prototye.js and scriptaculous.js have very big file sizes... is that true?

Efendi said...

@ashish: it is ^^

@teddy: hehe ^^

hm.. the prototype is standard, not to big, as for, what make it big, is it's pack of effects thing, for those who use broadband, this will be no problem since it's only around 100K ++ i think, but for dial-up like me :P well, i had to find another alternative ;)

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