I will not throw paper airplanes in class

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

^^ hehehe.. this made me laugh back then :D i think i'm geekier than i think :P
anyway click the image to enjoy another series of it ;)

p.s: i'm a bit busy for this week, so maybe my posting freqencies will drop a bit :P or maybe some of you wanted to guest blog here ? (drop a comment or an email) ;)

meanwhile, just check my GOODIES at the bottom of this page (RSS reader just navigate to zlythern) ;) i'm sure some of you will find it delicious :D

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cyberbuff said...

lolz! :D I can't help laughing aloud!

Cat said...

did the earthquake occured in your place? or i made a mistake about where you are?
Take care. May God bless Cat's freind!

Efendi said...

@cyberbuff: hehe :))

@Cat: Cat ^^ thanks for your concerne, and thankfully it did not occured in indonesia ;) but my friends at singapore said it was quite frightening, it shake twice ! some even get homed early.

nice to hear from you again ;)

ochep said...

u should try to post like this..

var posttime = new Date();
var i = 0;

for (i=0;i<500;i++){
Post("I'm posting a new content today ^__^!");
i += 1;


Then u'll able to leave ur blog for 500 day, and still able to post new content each n every day :p

Efendi said...

@ochep: =)) you're right :D

cyberbuff said...

@ ochep lolz!:D

Foolish said...

ohh this is some cool celebs would you like to link exchange with me let me know with mail

Anonymous said...

foolish is spamming

Efendi said...

hi anonymous ^^ yeah, i noticed that too :P

but well, that link are not bad too :P

but again, it can't beat the Mighty Optical Illusions ;)

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