STOP Disasters !

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Disasters triggered by natural hazards destroy lives and livelihoods. They affect millions of people every year, rich or poor. With your help, we can reduce human, physical and financial cost of disasters by understanding the risks and applying the best methods of prevention and mitigation. Simple measures really do save lives!

ISDR (International Strategy for Disaster Reduction) developed a VERY GREAT GAME ! Which brought us to a different view on how we can reduce what disasters can cost to us, either material lost or even life lost !

In this STOP Disasters education game, we can get more in-depth knowledge of human most common disasters.

Your role in this game is to plan and construct a safer environment for your population. You must assess the disaster risk and try to limit the damage when natural hazards strike.

The interface of the game itself is pretty ! BEST edu-game in Flash i've ever met, the complexity, yet simple is adding more value to this game ^^ despite it's huge file size (around 1.9MB) :P but i think for a game with such a class, below 2MB is very decent !

It is a single player game, which is meant to give you some education, but it can be played in a groups and discuss the best course of action to take ;) And this was for all ages ^^

To get more information about all the disasters, ISDR have provided some fact-sheets, which you can find here which can be a good reference for explaning to your childrens ;)

Well, time to learn then ^^ Enjoy this GREAT simulation game from UN/ISDR!

[via: media-ide]


teddY said...

Oh my this is so cool! I wanted to play it but my stupid school server blocked it. Argh. Will try it out when I get back home.

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