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Friday, March 16, 2007

I used to believe that every day of the week had its own colour.

Monday was yellow, Tuesday was lilac, Wednesday was dark green, Thursday pink, Friday orange, Saturday red, and finally Sunday was blue.

I never knew why, until I got older and realised those were colours used in our TV guide for every day of the week.

Still, to this day whenever I have to make an appointment, I think in "colours".

- M

I Used To Believe, is a great reference to Childhood's believe :) It gather round all of our believes when we were a child ^^

Lots of interesting beliefs from common beliefs to some funny ones (when we think of it again) :D

On I Used To Believe site, you can find, browse, read, all of every childhood's believe :D Each have it own sections, and each have the best beliefs one, which are voted by all readers all around da world, yes, that's mean you can vote too ;)

Best of all, you can share your beliefs too ;) by adding it :)

They even released a book featuring the best beliefs, Butter Comes From Butterflies gathers in one delightfully illustrated volume the silly, strange, and sometimes astonishing explanations for the way the world works.

Equal parts misunderstanding, imagination, and good old-fashioned zany kid logic, the unique musings in these pages range from sweet notions -- "birds grow from birdseed" -- to hilarious mix-ups -- "gorilla-cheese sandwiches" and "God is short for Godfrey." Scientifically proven to be impossible to put down, the off-base wisdom of Butter Comes from Butterflies is sure to charm and delight.

As a final note, lemme quote from the site itself
I Used To Believe will remind you what it was like to be a child, fascinated and horrified by the world in equal parts. The following pages will reassure you that the things you used to believe weren't so strange after all. Just be careful what you tell your own children!

You'll stare it and read it for hours, with a smile that'll never leave your face ^^

Have a happy weekend everybody ^^


Genfaith said...

nice blogsite...very creative and impressive

Efendi said...

hi genfaith, welcome to zlythern :)

thanks ;) you have a very meaningful blog yerself ;)

ochep said...

I used to believe that baby born from ass..

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