Stripe Generator 2.0 (Beta)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tired of pixel-by-pixel painting, trying to create seamless stripes textures?

Alex 'Pit' La Rosa and Fabio Fidanza have created a very slick Stripe Generator, well you know, that stripe you always saw at those Web 2.0 style one in the background ;)

Now with this tool, you don't hafta fire up some photoshop :P surely this will make life more easier ^^

The Interface is simple enough, much more like the loading gif generator, but this sure is more eye-appealing :)

Well then, get it while it's hot ! ^^


Aditya said...

It seems as if the newest way to feed off the Web 2.0 craze is to come up with ways of making yourself a part of it, instead of making you a part of it.

Creative nonetheless!

Efendi said...

@adit: yes, you're right :) it seems so simple that anybody could do it, but then again those simple idea was cooked in a nice way ;)

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