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Monday, August 20, 2007

Recently i read a nice article from Sabahan, about 5 Quick Tricks to Create Thousands of Memorable & SecurePasswords

There are some good points of how to make a secure password yet it's easy enough for you to memorize it ;)

The article wrote by Gaman discussed 5 tricks, today i decided to put up 3 diagrams for you to better understand the trick ;)


Create and Memorize A Secure Password, Consonant and Vowels - zlythern

Using a combination of consonant and vowels can generate a fairly secure password that is easy to memorize ;)

You can include all the consonant and vowels, or you can vary them, let's say using only the first 2 characters of each consonant and vowels ;)


Create and Memorize A Secure Password, Words Shifting - zlythern

The second method which is quite handy, involved in words shifting, or i rather say it keyboard shifting ;)

If you're already adept at typing with all your ten-fingers, then this is definitely will become one of your favourite ;) All you have to do is shift your initial typing position to the left once ;) If it hits the limit on the left, you can always shift it to the right ;)


Create and Memorize A Secure Password, Date of Birth - zlythern

The third method, involved the so popular default password :P your date of birth. The trick here is to replace some of the character with your birth date. See the above illustration. This is quite hard to type in though, but still fairly easy to memorize ;)


But then again, quoting from Gaman's article

To create better and secure password, you should

  • Include both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Include alphabetic characters (A-Z), numbers(0-9) and symbols (@#$%^&())
  • Do not use a dictionary word or common name
  • Create a password with at least 6-8 characters
  • Change your password frequently

The rest of the 5 Quick Tricks to Create Thousands of Memorable & SecurePasswords article is worth your time to read ;)

I think i can regularly change my password now, since i found an easy method, yet i can be sure that my password is secure ;)

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