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Friday, August 03, 2007

The folks over at HANDHELD REMAKES got a plenty of this nostalgic games ^^

Popeye Game & Watch, HANDHELD REMAKES - zlythernI mean, man ! I used to own one of these ! I played every single time when it's possible, even at schools :P

Seriuously! This thing was so popular back then!

When i was a little kid, i can not spell the english word. Back in my country Indonesia, we used to call this thing as a GIMBOT :P hehe...

And Popeye here is my first one :) It's fun, and easy enough to operate by little kids :P just use both of your thumbs, and press press press press press press press :P so addicting :)

It's nice to see this thing come alive again nowadays :D

You can play some of the HANDHELD REMAKES games online too! There are several popular title here ;) Also some remake to make it more appealing to our eyes :D

Game & Watch, HANDHELD REMAKES - zlythern
Or, if you wanted more, check out the HANDHELD REMAKES Archive ! They have a long list ;) mostly available for windows :D

Spend your weekend in a nostalgic way ;)

Have a nice weekend everybody ^^

[via: A Welsh View]


J@n!ce said...

Thanks for bringing back memories with these Game & Watch. I remember borrowing one from my classmate & played like mad... My parents refused to buy for me. I played a couple of those in your pic. They are really enjoyable stuff back then :)

Efendi said...

hi janice ^^
yeah sure brings memory eh :D

you should give on of those to your lovely kids ;D

J@n!ce said...

Efendi, is still have this game now would really be an antique. My hub bought the ninetndo Wii recently. It is really fun & enjoyable playing those virtual games & sports. The first time I played the tennis & bowling, I was enjoying it so much only to wake up the next day & realized that I've got muscle ache all over... LOL :)

Efendi said...

janice, i think my mom already threw it away all of my old-toys stuff :P

whoaa, a Wii ^^ hehe.. there are lotsa sports stuff game :)

sure keeps you healthy eh :P

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