[Recap] August 2007

Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 2007 Recap is here ^^ for those of you who may have missed one or two posts here at zlythern ;)

1. Blogger

Blogger: Add Video Feature is Here !, August 24
Blogger: Add Video Feature is Here ! - zlythernWith the mark of Blogger's Eight Birthday, we all have a present. A nice one. Yes, as the title suggest, Blogger Add Video Feature is here ! Simply click the icon, and then upload your video ;)

Daily Blog Tips's Pro Blogger Test, August 7
Daily Blog Tips's Pro Blogger Test - zlythernBecoming a professional blogger is no easy task. You will need to have a basic knowledge on several fields; including web design, SEO, online marketing and more. Do you think you have what it takes? Test your skills with these 20 questions!

2. Comic

Wikipedia as Cartoons, August 17
Wikipedia as Cartoons - zlythernGreg Williams a designer and illustrator for The Tampa Tribune in Tampa, Florida, made a brilliant collection of cartoon versions of Wikipedia entries ^^

3. Freeware

Print Your Own Free Software Sticker Book, August 7
Print Your Own Free Software Sticker Book - zlythernThis one is for those of you who wanted to paste a cool sticker on your laptop or pc ;) The .pdf Sticker Book includes a set of stickers related to free software projects.

4. Games

Remember GAME & WATCH ?, August 3
Remember GAME & WATCH ? - zlythernI used to own one of these ! I played every single time when it's possible, even at schools :P

5. Icons

E Plus X Smilies, August 27
E Plus X Smilies - zlythernRecently i've been doin some smilies for E Plus X ^^ So i thought i will share my work here too, you may use it anywhere else ;)

6. Knowledge

Create and Memorize A Secure Password, August 20
Create and Memorize A Secure Password - zlythernsome good points of how to make a secure password yet it's easy enough for you to memorize it ;)

Death by Caffeine, August 15
Death by Caffeine - zlythernIt provides a rough gauge of reaction to caffeine - and typically corresponds to the amount of caffeine in your system over a 4 hour period. There is obviously enormous variation between individual response - and this should be construed as entertainment only ;)

7. Personal

Enjoy The New zlythern v.3.3, August 17
Enjoy The New zlythern v.3.3 - zlythernEnjoy a whole brand new zlythern v.3.3 :D A PHOENIX one ;) This design should work really well on both FF and IE ;)

Republic of Singapore, August 8
Republic of Singapore - zlythernSingapore is a nice small island which is a country ;) Since the first time i moved in to Singapore to find a job, this city, this country is a pleasant place to live in :)

8. Tools

How to Measure Your Post's Readability, August 22
How to Measure Your Post's Readability - zlythernOne of the most important aspect of blog posts (in my opinion) is the READABILITY. Try this nice tool! And add another chunk of a good information to feed your brain ;)

Loripscream - Generatively Delicious!, August 6
Loripscream - Generatively Delicious! - zlythernLorem Ipscream offers a whole lotsa new flavor for this Lorem Ipsum text ;) Basically it was a neat text-generator :D

Button Boost - A Real Nice Button Generator, August 1
Button Boost - A Real Nice Button Generator - zlythernWith you can create quick and easy professional looking buttons for your website, application or whatever you want.


That is all folks, this month recap ^^ Hope you do all enjoy the posts ;)

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