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Monday, August 27, 2007

E Plus X Forum - zlythern

E Plus X is a local forum in Indonesia. I joined the forum back in 2006, i found the site through another forum :P The other forum is babaflash, and indonesia flash forum :)

One of E Plus X administrator submit a flash game to babaflash, and because of it's cute and unique style of the art, then i came by and drop over at their forum. Since then, it was one of my regular stop ;)

E Plus X Mango Fly Games - zlythern

I mean look at the above picture ;) who would've resist the temptation to meet those creator right ;) They are just so adorable ^^

The boy and girl there is the creator of E Plus X, which stands for Ernitan and Xhen, the name of the creator ;)

And they have a lot of goodies too, they have a calendar, and wallpapers, with E Plus X theme of course ;) You can grab 'em too (click the picture) below.

E Plus X Wallpaper - zlythern

Anyway, recently i've been doin some smilies for E Plus X ^^ So i thought i will share my work here too, you may use it anywhere else ;) a link back here will do just fine :) no need to ask my permission to use it :)

The first two smilies are originally designed by Xhen from E Plus X, the rest is by me, i use Xhen's as a template for the head and body ;) Meanwhile there's still only Erni's style smilies, the girl version :)

So .. here you go ^^

Smilies :hmm: hmm ... Smilies :droll: droll ...

Smilies :lol: LOL ... Smilies XD XD ... Smilies :doh: doh ... Smilies :D :D ...

Smilies :cool: cool (nerd version) ... Smilies T_T T_T cry ...

Smilies :swt: swt ... Smilies :P :P tongue ... Smilies :shy: shy ...

Smilies :| :| ... Smilies :jee: jee ... Smilies :mad: mad ...

Smilies :) v.1 :) smile version 1 ... Smilies :) v.1 :) smile version 2 ...

Smilies :) v.1 :) smile version 3 ... Smilies :) v.1 :) smile version 4 ...

That's all for now :) Enjoy, and have a fresh start of the week ^^

Oh, one final bonus for you all on Blogger, Aditya has a great script to display Blogger Smilies ;)


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