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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Create easy and fast professional looking buttons

A reader gave me a very nice tips about another button generator :) Who ever it is, thanks for the tip mate ^^ (send me a mail, to have your name/website to be credited here)

Here comes Button Boost - The Button Generator

Button Boost provide a real nice lookin' button, there are hundreds of ready made button, which you can easily modify :)

With you can create quick and easy professional looking buttons for your website, application or whatever you want.

Button Boost - zlythern

Download - zlythernTo have this kinda button is fairly easy, as in 1-2-3
1. Just type in your text
2. Adjust your button's face color
3. Click on any button you like ;)

Voila ! You have made your button ;) But, there's a side note here, you have a render limit of 150 button :) so make sure you have all the nice color and button before your 150th try ;)

BUT ! If I can suggest you, the REAL NICE ONE is for you to try the ADVANCED mode :D

Button Boost Option Tabs - zlythern
With four options to play, you really will have a real nice button ^^
Button Boost Button Style Tab - zlythern
For example, in the Button Style tab, there are 6 sytle which you can choose ;)

If you're building a desktop application too, this could fit in too ;)

Buttons are everywhere, don't limit yourself to just a web button right ;)

Another goodies is on the Effects/Color tab.

You can have an ICON on your button ! Nice eh ?! As for another FX, it was a Font FX, you can apply shadows and outline color.

The Fileformat that Button Boost offers, comes in 3 popular format, PNG GIF and JPG, well of course it's standard for the web :P but at least you can have it other than JPG right ;)


All-in-all this truly is a real nice button generator :) There only a few things to considered, first is the limit of 150 rendering, but i think this limit is ok :) you won't be spending all 150 right ;)

The second one is the use of frame, the area for all those button thing are in the frame, you'll have to scroll it down when browsing through their template. Well i mean if it doesn't on the frame, we are still goin' to scroll :P But then again, the limitation of the frame is a little bit annoying to me :P

In conclusion, this Button Boost is really worth trying ;)

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